Jocelyn Wildenstein Before & After Surgery Pictures

When one talks of plastic surgery, they consider both negative and positive impacts of this surgery. While many think of it as a fabulous art which improves their looks, the risks may be too much to risk it. Hollywood makes it look fashionable, but a look at Jocelyn Wildenstein will make those considering it think seriously about it. Looking at the pictures of Jocelyn Wildenstein before surgery and afterwards will definitely make you reconsider it. Although she has spent at least $4 million on her surgery to look like a cat since her former husband liked big cats, the results left a lot to be desired

Chin Augmentation

Looking at Jocelyn Wildenstein before surgery, one will see a beautiful lady who could have passed any day for a top model. However, when she aimed at looking like a big cat to please her former husband, she decided to go for chin augmentation which is a form of plastic surgery aimed at extending the chin as the human body cannot look like a cat with the normal chin. She can ascertain to the fact that the surgery went wrong since her chin seems to have been extended way too much such that her look is distorted.

jocelyn wildenstein Before & After plastic surgery

Lip Injections

If one looks at her pictures before surgery, they will come to the conclusion that her lips are bigger than they were previously. She had thin lips  before which were attractive to look at in general. For one to have such big lips from thin ones, she must have undergone lip injections which are a form of plastic surgery meant to enlarge the lips as much as they are needed. Some other celebrities have undergone the same surgery but, in this case, the surgery was done way too much.

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Watch Jocelyn Wildenstein Transformation Before Surgery & After Surgery

Cheek Implants

To add to the other types of surgeries, Jocelyn Wildenstein underwent cheek implantation to make her cheeks bigger and puffier…like the big cats her husband loved. The pictures before surgery depict a beautiful woman with smooth cheeks which were in line with the rest of the facial features. As it is always with those who never get satisfied with who they are, she sought out to make herself ever more attractive in the eyes of her former husband whose name she still uses after hers. It is disappointing that she did all these surgeries to make herself look more attractive to someone who after all cheated on her.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is the procedure by which fats are removed from one part of the body and grafted into another part where they are needed. Looking at her before plastic surgery reveals that her cheeks had lovely dimples. However, the same Jocelyn Wildenstein seems to have full cheeks without her lovely dimples. What this means is that she must have had fats from other parts of her body taken and inserted into her cheeks to improve on her feline look.

Word of Caution

While most forms of plastic surgery are harmless and may not take much effort and money to achieve, the ones listed here cost a lot of money not to mention the risk they have in causing irreparable damage to the individual. For the most part, most of those willing to go for these surgeries may be looking fabulous even without them. For example, the pictures of Jocelyn way before she went for the plastic surgeries are that of a happy lady who had all the beauty one would need to be happy with herself. Ms. Wildenstein must be surely regretting her actions.


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